The Human Approach

Enumeral’s immunoprofiling platform harnesses The Power of Human™.

The current drug discovery paradigm relies on research and preclinical models that are only approximations of a patient's response to a drug. However, a human is not even close to a research model, in terms of the evolution of an immune response that may protect against disease. For example, the interaction between cancer cells and a host immune system may produce native antibodies or T cell repertoires specifically directed to tumor antigens frequently arising in cancer patients. These immune responses and processes, if they could be understood directly in human patients, would provide knowledge that could be directly applied to the selection and development of best in class precision therapies. Our cellular functional profiling techniques provide for a deeper understanding of the variety of human responses and provide a more rational basis to guide immunotherapy design and development.

When applied to cells derived from patient biopsy samples, Enumeral’s platform may predict which antibody candidates have the characteristics essential to becoming safe and effective drugs. Our platform’s sensitivity enables us to measure the function and expression of targets of interest in rare immune cell subsets, enabling acceleration of target validation and prediction of response to new candidates, directly ‘at the site of disease’, using biopsy tissue from human patients. This knowledge impacts whether or not a therapeutic candidate would produce a beneficial, or toxic, effect in a given patient group with a given disease state.

Quantifying individual human immune responses directly from patient samples may also enable the development of immune-based diagnostic products for stratifying patient groups that might respond differently to a particular immunotherapy or lead to expansion of indications for use for existing product candidates.